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David Beckstead

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David mixes his passion for art and travel to run a 20 year destination wedding photography business. Kassandra, his wife (of 23 fabulous years!) and business partner, shares his passions. Together they have successfully mixed their lifestyle with their business. They have a 8 year old amazing girl named Asia! They have photographed weddings in Brazil, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, UK, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Vietnam, Slovenia, Romania, Norway and many other destination style shoots.

David has a reputation for being honest, helpful and taking on life with passion and a smile!

David has taught all around the world including in Canada, Spain, Russia, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Italy, Norway, Hungary, Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Romania.

About Dynamic Weddings eBook
Known for his dynamic compositions and skill in using natural light in radical ways, David shows how you can become a stylistic and creative photographer attracting clients that love what you do

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About Dynamic Composition Video
David shows you how to see more dynamic imagery, how to increase your awareness levels and practice your craft more effectively. You will discover your "safe-zone" and how to overcome it and learn to create amazing compositions in any environment.

Dynamic Composition Video

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About Dynamic Illumination Video
David shows you to shoot with light-weight LED video lights to achieve stunning photos. He'll also teach you to have fun with unusual lights such as flashlights, projectors and create amazing shadows! 

"One of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world!"
American Photo Magazine

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International award-winning photographer, judge, author and compositional master

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